March Pānui, 2018


Taiao - Environment

Nāmātou nā

This is our third panui as providers of Taiao services to Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō. The year has got off to a good start with responses or a review to most incoming consultations. We have had our first environmental policy meeting with Tasman District Council on 13 February. These will be regular meetings to discuss ongoing policy changes in the Tasman region where Ngāti Apa have strong historic relationships.

The Taiao team have been developing a submission on the Water Conservation Order Application for the Takaka River catchment. We have also been reviewing all resource consent applications that are lodged with the three Councils across the top of the South Island and applications from other agencies that may affect Ngāti Apa interests.

We are also monitoring activities that deal with archaeology, protected objects, mining and conservation activities. Currently we have four staff that are actively assisting in protecting and advocating for Ngāti Apa’s Taiao interests covering most areas.  

There has been discussion around looking forward to what Taiao projects Ngāti Apa should develop in the mid to long term. Further discussions will be had as to what this may involve before a decision is made by the Board of Trustees. 


Taiao Team

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