June Pānui, 2015


Our Whenua

Anamāhanga (Port Gore)

Anamāhanga was one of the first places in Te Tau Ihu occupied by Ngāti Apa ki Te Rā Tō tūpuna, and our whānau continue to have a deep connection to this whenua.

There are a number of pā sites, mahinga Kai, kāinga urupā and other wāhi tapu that are of great importance to Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō.

According to Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō tradition, Anamāhanga (The Twin Bays) was one of the tentacles of the Wheke Mutarangi, the great octopus killed by Kupe.

Two of the significant maunga associated to Anamāhanga are Puhikereru and Porororangi, which were also used as navigation aids and weather indicators.

Te Ope-a-Kupe (The Footprints of Kupe and his party) is a kōhatu, named after Kupe and his people landed here where indentations on the rocks were formed by their footprints. Te Ope a Kupe is a taunga waka, or landing place for waka.

Koinei ngā ara a ngā tūpuna. These are the trails of our ancestors


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