May Pānui, 2016


Education & Training

Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō continues to support members with education relationships developed through Computers in Homes and Workforce Development with Literacy & Numeracy Classes.

These programmes are aimed at improving the skills of members in employment and also assist in providing skills to seek and improve employment opportunities.

For Computers-in-Homes information members can go directly to the Computers in Homes website or contact us here at the office.

If Literacy & Numeracy is something you may be interested in, or you think your employer may be interested in, let us know and we can discuss the possibilities with your employer. We are currently running a class on a Wednesday afternoon and would like to be able to offer more classes to members.  We are starting to see results in these areas and would like to see more Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō members involved in these initiatives.

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